Position Strategy

When customers can't tell you apart from the competition, what do they do? They fall back to what they know.

This means they make a purchasing decision based on variables like location, recommendations, or (more commonly) cheapest price.

Our clients don't want to compete on price. They want their websites to clearly position them as significantly better options than their competitors.

Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  1. You’ve got a great story to tell. Problem is: you don’t know how to tell it.
    You want your website to differentiate your business and generate interest in your company. It’s critical to figure out how to convey your uniqueness in a compelling way.
  2. You know you're better than the competition, but aren't clear on what makes you special.
    You also know that if you can't communicate why your business is special, you’ll likely waste time and money on generic website content and weak marketing efforts.
  3. Your website content just isn’t packing a punch.
    Your company sounds like everybody else, and your customers don’t understand why you're special. As a result, you’re losing out on valuable online leads and sales.

Sound familiar?

There is a solution: a Positioning Strategy

To take the stress and frustration out of communicating your business's uniqueness, we offer a strategic service that eliminates the problem situations listed above.

Known as “Positioning Strategy,” this service tends to be a great fit for companies that:

  • are looking to create a solid foundation for future website and marketing investments.
  • are tired of spinning their wheels over how they should talk about their business.
  • just aren’t getting the results they want from their website content or marketing efforts.
  • want to get it right from the start and make a big impact quickly.